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On a stage with Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter and re-emerging racial tensions, enter The Raptivist. This self proclaimed rapper slash activist is an elite lyricist that represents the community like a lyrical lawyer. His sound is similar to Rick Ross or Freddie Gibbs produced by the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. Lyrically, he is the voice of the underdog. His message is strong. It opens up conversation about personal development and political disadvantage. He's not afraid to display his role as father and husband in his music. His delivery is strong! His content is relatable and reflects the maturity displayed in recent years by artists such as Jay Z and J. Cole. Vocally, his tone is reminiscent of Dave East. With heavy influence from the Nation of Islam and 5 Percent Nation, he is always dropping that science! He provides a smoother, classier, intellectual alternative from the current trend of rap.His bold delivery of controversial bars is exactly what Hip Hop heads are searching for!